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May 5, 2015  |  Engagements

Engagement: Kathryn + John

Gosh I LOVE my job! Kathryn and John met at college and have been inseparable since. Kathryn just finished her masters degree as a nurse and the next logical step in life was for them to get married and start their lives together. John for Christmas decided to wrap a bunch of presents.... you know... the ole open one box, into another box, then another box, etc... Well Kathryn of course was expecting a ring. She got to the end at it was a Kayak. Trying to sound excited she was all like "yay"...
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May 1, 2015  |  Weddings, Wedding Industry

Wedding: Carden + Chuck

We have been getting buckets and buckets of rain here in Georgia lately. What's the saying.... "April showers, brings on May flowers." Well, we have definitely been having plenty of showers! The week of Carden and Chuck's wedding it rained every single day! It called for a 90% chance of rain on the actual wedding day... and that is nothing that a bride wants to hear for the wedding day. Well, wedding day came and we started our day with no rain, the rain came, and then it cleared back up. It...
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Teaching is something that I have shyed away from for a while now, even though I founded educational resource for photographers). Why? Because of my own self doubt. Who am I to share, to teach, or to lead? Once you start teaching it is a HUGE responsibility because you are part of a movement leading people to make decisions that affect their own lives. It is something that I do NOT take lightly and it was not until I started teaching that I realized how much of an impact I...
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