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August 26, 2014  |  Personal, Baby D

Baby # 3 is a....

Pink or blue? We were going to wait to find out what this baby D was.... our thoughts were this is it, it honestly doesn't matter either way, so lets just wait until the baby is born. But yes my Type A planner starting kicking in and we both couldn't wait so we found out on Saturday what we were having! I knew it and I couldn't imagine it any other way than to add another BOY to this crazy bunch!! I think everyone was pulling and hoping for a little girl because naturally we had two boys....
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August 18, 2014  |  Personal, Baby D

12 Weeks Baby # 3

Well here we go again! :) Everyone says with the third you won't have time for this or that or you won't care about this or that, and I am determined to prove them wrong! But I am 13 weeks going on 14 weeks and I am just now getting around to posting the 12 week photo from last week! So well.... yeah.... I am already proving them right! :) We find out if it is another little boy or a girl this weekend so an update will be coming soon on that. And take a look at the little one! This is my...
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August 6, 2014  |  Personal

Baby D February 2015

Yes, you have interpreted this correct! I am 11.5 weeks pregnant and we will be welcoming a new baby into our home in February! Since I grew up playing basketball, I figured it would be fun to share the news with a little basketball strategy...... Jeremy and I will no longer be playing man-to-man defense but moving to a zone defensive game. :) Someone asked me yesterday when I am due.... yes I suppose this is what happens with your third... you show SO MUCH FASTER! So I figured it was time...
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